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We're often asked what's involved in building a rod or what is the correct sequence to building a rod. Well we've finally put all those answers together in one place. Were not saying this is the be all to end all method, but it has had a fair amount of thought put into it and was certainly how a little Chev sedan went together OK.

We can't guarantee that by following the steps below that you will have a pain free build, but it is an excellent start. Just as every hot rod is different so is the way they go together. There are also some tips and traps gained from personal experience and those of members of the HRI Benchracing Forum

NOTE: Each State in Australia has different registration laws and street rod registration programs even though there are now NAtional Registration guidelines. Before building anything you should contact the ASRF Technical Advisory Committee in your State

The second in this series looks at the financial aspects of building a rod, so don't forget to have a look at; How much does a Hot Rod cost?

NOTE: this is NOT a technical guide, rather a review of design and styles of building a hot rod. For technical information go to the HRI Technical pages.

Step 1: Research
Step 2: Buy your ROD
Step 3: Patience
Step 4: Engine
Step 5: Chassis
Step 6: Front End
Step 7: Rear End
Step 8: Brakes
Step 9: Wheels
Step 10: Body Work
Step 11: Hood
Step 12: Pre Assembly
Step 13: Paint
Step 14: Wiring
Step 15: Upholstery
Step 16: Final Detail
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